The entire incident was later dubbed Weinergate. Admission. On June 6, Breitbart posted a cropped, shirtless picture of Weiner that was obtained from a second woman on the Internet, and said that Weiner had sent more pictures of himself, including at least one that was sexually graphic

Weinergate was a controversy surrounding a tweet posted by former New York Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner's Twitter account that included a picture of a bulging penis under a pair of grey boxer briefs Jun 01, 2011 · Emma Mustich June 1, 2011 11:39PM (UTC) Are you having as hard a time following the sequence of events in Weinergate as we are? Here's a look at the basic timeline, as best as we can determine BREAKING: Feds Leak Details of New Clinton Investigation / Weinergate Internal civil war in the federal government will determine the future of our Republic Infowars.com - October 29, 201 The Weinergate saga did not end with the weekend. Some background: Over the long weekend the blogosphere was all fired up over a tweet sent out from Rep. Anthony Weiner's verified account that contained a picture of a bulging underwear-clad penis

Amid reports that disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner will plead guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl, look back his scandalous past which lead to the end of his marriage and now. Weinergate refers to a series of recurring scandals originating with Democrat Congressman and former New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.Weiner is the spouse of longtime intimate Hillary Clinton advisor and body woman Huma Abedin Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is accused of sending a lewd photo of himself to a female college student via Twitter. Cenk breaks down the absurd reaction from conservative Andrew Breitbart. On.

JUNE 2--The prescient Twitter provocateur who, weeks ago, somehow divined that a lewd photo scandal was looming for Rep. Anthony Weiner claims he is fearful that his leading role in Weinergate. Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, This is huge! That's why we need every single patriot in America to shou..

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Huma Abedin's WEINERGATE EMAILS to be Released Talk about opening a can of worms. People have been trying to get a look at Abedin's emails for quite some time. Interestingly, we are no longer merely scrutinizing the emails to get Abedin. Now we get the added benefit of seeing what the FBI intentionally overlooked. According to The UK Mail Did liberal hero and would-be Mayor of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner (D - N.Y.) Tweet a picture of his own, underwear-clad erection last night? Conservative bloggers sure seem to hope so

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Andrew Breitbart Publishes New Photo Of Anthony Weiner AndIt's A Doozy! By Colby Hall Jun 6th, 2011, 1:29 pm Well here is something that you don't see everyday Anthony David Weiner (/ ˈ w iː n ər /; born September 4, 1964) is an American former Democratic congressman who represented New York's 9th congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011

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  2. The 2011 political scandal involving congressman Anthony Weiner and six women he allegedly sexted/received sexts from. It began with a picture of a man with an erection showing through his boxers that was tweeted on Weiner's private Twitter account, which Weiner claimed wasn't him, and that he had been hacked
  3. Jun 16, 2011 · Twenty days after the scandal dubbed Weinergate erupted with the sending of a sexually suggestive photograph on Twitter, a rising star of the Democrats was forced to resign his congressional.

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BOOM: Texts Reveal Comey's INTENTIONAL Criminal Cover-Up in WeinerGate There is a reason why James Comey lawyered up, and tweets from his rat hole. But soon he will get to use his highly-compensated DC lawyer, because Comey's ass is about to be new-mowed grass Life instructs and this Weinergate affair has been another learning opportunity. And no this article is not about New York Representative Anthony Weiner's wisdom in sending out Twitter messages of.

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#weinergate Last Friday, a scandalous tweet popped up on New York Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner's Twitter account, linking to an image of a man in boxer briefs showcasing an obvious. The New York Post is doing the best job on explaining this latest scandal. They have the 302s which are FBI reports of interviews. They clearly show that Huma Abedin is either an idiot not qualified for chief of staff, which she has been promised, or she is guilty of violating security and lying to.

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Weinergate Bombshell: New Woman Comes Forward Claiming Cache of Intimate Photos and Online Communications with Beleaguered Congressman . Submitted by booley4178 on Sun, 2011-06. A roundup of witty headlines, funny pictures, and political cartoons about Anthony Weiner's sexting scandals

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WEINERGATE: 'The Whole Thing Was A Setup!' which the Clintons themselves helped set up. Hopefully Hillary and Bill Clinton will finally realize that the American people do not want them anywhere near public office anymore. A vast majority actually wants them imprisoned—for life.[1 /pol/ - Politically Incorrect is a board about politics, news, happenings and current events on 8chan. 8chan /pol/ - Politically Incorrect - Anthony Weiner's Diretory was Leaked!!! WeinerGate & D-Da New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account produced a shocking photograph Friday night. In a tweet directed to a Washington State woman, the married congressman linked to a photo of a man in underwear with a visible erection Social media fuel the story, and fuel our curiosity about how people's aspiration for attention, affirmation, publicity and celebrity increasingly seems to trump their/our desire for personal privacy. The exhibitionist element may not be new but the social media/sexting aspect of Weinergate is 21st century

Weinergate started when Rep. Weiner decided to use Facebook and Twitter to solicit online relationships with women concealed from the knowledge of his wife. This is a stellar plan to begin with. 25 Tweets From This Month That'll Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should Every group chat births a second smaller group chat without the annoying people, and if you think yours doesn't, I have. weinergate scandal name The controversy surrounding the actions or Representative Anthony Weiner (hah) who admitted to 3rd degree sexting in June 2011. This resulted in many politicians calling for his resignation

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WeinerGate. Jun 7, 2011. by Michael Sean Winters. I have tried to avoid writing about whether or not those boxers in the famous tweeted photo belonged to Congressman Anthony Weiner. Somehow, I had. An informal poll on Weinergate published Saturday in The Daily Beast asked 100 New Yorkers -- including some in Rep. Weiner's district -- what they thought of it. The poll found most of the people. weinergate Former Congressman and Registered Sex Offender Anthony Weiner Checks in for Prison Sentence Former Congressman and registered sex offender Anthony Weiner checked in for his 21-month prison sentence Monday, which was handed down after he pleaded guilty to sending lewd messages to a 15-year-old girl This is good news for me because I can Google 'wiener photos' at work and not get fired, jokes Craig Ferguson of the nearly-nude Twitter pics. New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has become the butt of. (Newser) - Now we can all cash in on Weinergate: Spirit Airlines is holding a special deal dubbed The Weiner Sale. The fares are too hard to resist, notes one ad, viewable at the.

1. Weinergate. Sex scandals involving politicians are no surprise. This one is unique in that it is one of the first to involve Twitter. We've all heard the story: a lewd photo was sent to a college student using the account of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner. He initially claimed it was a hacker, but many people doubted this excuse Watergate was thus chopped into Water-and -gate (ironically reversing the original coalescence), and (to cite one example out of dozens) substituting Weiner for Water yielded Weinergate, the name.

Was Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account hacked into Friday night, or did the self-effacing politician pull the ultimate weiner joke? According to BigGovernment, there was a picture of a man in. Anthony Weiner news and opinion. The FBI hasn't decided how to correct the director's false claim that she forwarded thousands of Clinton emails to the laptop computer of her husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner CLINTONS 'DEEPLY UNHAPPY' ABOUT WEINERGATE. Bill and Hillary Clinton are deeply unhappy with Anthony Weiner, friends tell The New York Times. Weiner's wife Huma Abedin is a longtime.

The Weinergate saga may be coming to an end -- now that Representative Anthony Weiner has resigned from his position in the U.S. House of Representatives Mashable is a global, multi-platform. Oct 31, 2016 · The most unpredictable, dumbfounding and just plain nasty presidential campaign in modern times is heading into its final full week NEWS BRIEF Investigators with the FBI, and police in New York and in North Carolina, are looking into allegations that former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner exchanged sexually explicit.

Weinergate Boggles the Sociological Imagination Sociology can explain why Weiner's career is over. Posted Jun 08, 201 DISTRACTIONS ABOUND, BUT NOBODY KNOWS WHAT'S UP. It's fascinating to observe all the verbal gymnastics going on among the Hillary gnomes as they try to deflect the political shrapnel blown out by the FBI's reopened email investigation — or, as it's come to be called, Weinergate Weinergate continues, but with Anthony Weiner canceling speeches and no longer talking about certitude, the scandal may be starting to peter out—thought it certainly could pop back up at any time 15 Hilarious Weinergate Reactions. Last week, comedians and hosts reacted to allegations that Congressman Anthony Weiner sent lewd photos via Twitter Eater.com debunks Weinergate, Pizzagate; FoxNews... Media Matters boss paid former partner $850G 'blackmail' settlement... after being threatened with damaging information involving the organization's donors and the IRS - a deal that Brock later characterized as a blackmail payment, according to legal documents obtained by FoxNews.com Transcript for Laughing at Weinergate. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. Anthony Weiner's Twitter Rant. Rep. Anthony Weiner D-NY., goes off on the.